matte ganche

i did the usual pour ganache on cake method..but i wanted a matte finish because i think it would look better with the flowers later..

ganache as we all know has a smooth glossy effect if executed properly (hehe) kitchen project today was getting a matte effect on the, it was experimenting time 😉 i used a spatula dunked into warm water (and wiped dry) to smooth out the ganache and’s my ganached cake with the matte finish i wanted 😉


topped with some piped roses on top..and here we have a cake fit fot hantaran 😉


the cake in kotak hantaran, ready to be decorated and glamorised 😉



hantaran: gifts exchanged between the bride n groom on the wedding day in Malay culture. The gifts are decorated really nice and glamorous and placed neatly on pretty stands called ‘dulang’. The usual gifts exchanged are clothes, make up sets, perfume sets, handbags, wallets, shoes, chocolates and of course cakes!

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