Making a numbered cake is always fun..this time I’m doing a double digit cake – 63..it was a challenge for me as I’m used to make cheerful and cute single digit cakes for kids 😉

This 63 numbered cake is for a mom as a special gift from her kids..Kak Ida from bukit sekilau, Kuantan and her siblings wanted a number 63 cake for their mom..I feel happy to make the cake because I was given the freedom to use my creativity on this cake (every baker appreciates this i think..hehee)

At first I still had no idea on how to decorate the cake..even after the cake was baked I was still not inspired..hehe..but I kept on going..carved the cake into “63” (only after the cake was 100% done I realized a spot I forgot to carve on the number 3)


As I was deciding the color for the cake..the design of the just came to me..yay! The theme was pink and I suddenly was in the mood for roses 😉



And I was in the mood for chocolates..so here’s the cake fully decorated with buttercream roses and heart shaped chocolates all over..I hope it’s not too much..LoL


This was my favourite piece on this cake


I do hope kak Ida n her family especially her mom is happy with this cake 🙂

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