Hello kekComel.com

OMG! I haven’t visited this site for years, let alone updating it! (and yet I have religiously paid for your domain annually without fail..haha)

Hello visitors, sorry I haven’t been present for a while. So, what’s up? I’m still just concentrating on making high quality edible images for my lovely customers, who are mostly fellow bakers. Since I can’t squeeze in the time to bake anymore these days, and since I kept getting calls requesting for cake, I am now accepting cake orders, the only difference is I don’t actually bake them myself. I simply take the orders and pass them to Panaderia Cake bake house, and they bake it for me (and even do deliveries around Kuantan..yay!)

So, you can order cakes from kekComel.com anytime you like, only now we have a catalog and you may choose the cake you want from there.

I’m still working on to update the catalog here on kekComel.com. Meanwhile feel free to visit our FB Page: facebook.com/kekComel or IG: instagram.com/panaderiacakes_kekcomel for the catalog, and kindly order through whatsApp, 0189000285.

Or simply click the link: linktr.ee/kekComel

Thank you!



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