Happy New Year 2021!

2020..what a year! A much anticipated year, but with a major unexpected turnout, the world today is changed, everyone is accepting the new normal, everyone is adapting to the unforseen changes. We adapt to survive. One thing I treasure most is the togetherness and the time we get to spend together as a family, everyone is at home now, all the time, and it’s comforting ❤

Welcoming 2021 with a calmer manner, not expecting too much, focusing on what matters in life to me, which is time spent with loved ones and giving more to those in need. Together we could make this world a better place. Practicing selflessness as an act of love, what the world today needs, love ❤

As usual, new cake designs for this month is now out, and will be available starting 8th Jan. Visit our IG for more: instagram.com/nis.kekComel

I wish everyone a happy new year and may all your wishes and dreams come true. Stay safe ❤

Xoxo, Nis

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