Baking for kekComel

Yep, you read right. I’m back, baking for kekComel once again. With more new original recipes to share and discover. Building recipes is a lot of fun, experimenting and discovering new taste, like when Remy in the movie Ratatouille closes his eyes and get fireworks when delicious flavours combine in his mouth, exciting his tastebuds ❤

However, I’m taking it slow. Baking only one cake every other day. Still trying to balance baking work and looking after the kids, especially the new baby, who is super clingy by the way 😆 I’m looking forward to caking for orders, especially 3D cakes because cake carving really gets me in the zone, if u know what I mean.

My cakes may not have clean edges nor out of this world design. However they are cute, won’t you agree? 😉

Bringing joy to others makes it all worthwhile

Xoxo, Nis

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