3-Step Flan

Some call it flan,  others pudding caramel. Whatever it’s called.. It sure is my favourite express dessert.  The whole family loves it,  it’s easy to make,  and most of all,  it’s foolproof. 😊

Step 1:

Heat 5 tbsp sugar with 8-9 tbsp water over low heat,  until sugar mixture turns golden brown.  (I just heat them directly in the baking pan.  You can heat them in a different pan then pour em into the baking pan). 

Let caramel cool and harden.  Meanwhile.. 

Step 2:

Mix in bowl: 5 eggs,  1 can of evaporated milk,  1/2 cup water,  1/2 cup sugar and some vanilla essence. 

Mix well and pour into baking pan (with the harden caramel). 

Step 3:

Steam for about 30 minutes.  Let cool.  Keep refridgerated.  Best served cold,  with fresh fruits of choice,  and whipped cream!  It’s even so good to eat it on its own  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

Same date, different birthdays

My 5yo daughter and 1yo boy shared the same birthday! What are the odds ay?  ðŸ˜‚

Baked an almost rainbow cake for her,  mermaid themed;  and a hotwheels themed orange cake for him. 

Used a whole lot of edible images for decoration.  It was fun,  especially for my 5yo as she gets to “stick” those “creatures” onto the cake on her own 😍

No Bake Carrot Cake

I haven’t bake or make any cakes for quite sometime now..with another bun in the oven, the cake oven stays barren..haha

So, there we were at my mom’s. Well, it was my brother’s birthday. We decided to make a cake that mom could indulge in (she’s been on a strict diet for a few years now to get healthy). So, we decided to make this No Bake Carrot Cake from Trinity’s Kitchen. You can look up for her video on youTube.

The cake is pretty simple to make, but let me ensure you it IS rich in taste and it is something you could really indulge in. It tastes even better after a few days in the fridge as it sets well.

Decoration was pretty decent. Covered the cake with some delicious creamy cashew and dates (combo) frosting. Topped with some walnuts, and some raisins around the cake as its border. And of course, what’s a birthday cake without some cake toppers for the birthday boy. The cake turned out beautifully. However the frosting was a bit challenging, I would make sure the dates were pitted before they are soaked so that they would really soften and blend a bit more easily. Other than that this is a really easy and tasty cake to assemble, enjoy! 🙂


100g dates
100g walnuts
1 large carrot
1/4 tsp nutmeg (powder)
1/2 tsp ginger (powder)
1 tsp cinnamon (powder)
1 Tbsp coconut oil (frozen)
3 Tbsp ground almonds

How to:
1. Soak dates and walnuts in water for about 2 hours.
2. Drain dates and walnuts.
3. In the food processor, combine the dates, walnuts and grated carrots.
4. Add in nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon.
5. Stir and fold in the coconut oil and
ground almonds.
6. Shape the mixture into a cake.
7. Let it set in the fridge for as long as you want.


Handful Cashew nuts
Handful dates
1 tsp Vanilla extract
Whole Walnuts and raisins (for decoration)

How to:
1. Soak dates and cashews in water for about 2 hours.
2. Drain dates and cashews.
3. Blend together with vanilla extract until creamy.
3. Spread onto cake as desired.
4. Place walnuts and raisins for decoration.

*Makes a nice petit cake (around 5″)




cobwebbed blog!

OMG! it’s been almost a year since I last posted an entry in this blog..phew! (must say I’m lucky enough to manage to login after just 3 tries)

I’m still caking 😉

I’m also editting and printing edible cake toppers or edible images as they call it here 🙂

i was all buttercream before..and yes now my hands are tainted with fondant..haha (not that’s a bad thing)

Now, I update my instagram the most, it’s simple and convenient, what’s not to love about it 😉 Please do follow me on instagram: nis_kekComel


instagram: nis_kekComel

Frills rainbow doll cake

It starts with one..now it’s a favourite for doll cakes – frills rainbow doll cake. It’s basically rainbow cake made into a doll cake with colourful frills on the outside..so, it’s double the rainbow, double the fun! It’s really simple to do..a bit tricky on carving the skirt..and it used up a lot of buttercream (and mixing colours obviously)


This was one of the earliest..I can’t recall who ordered..but it was from a local here in kuantan.


This is for our regular, Rafidah for her daughter’s 3rd birthday 🙂


And this is from today, inverted rainbow on the outside..ordered by Yan from indera mahkota, kuantan.

A big thanks to all who loved our frills rainbow doll cake 🙂

Colorful frills rainbow cake

Frills..they look real pretty n luckily not that hard to master the technique 😉 u don’t really need a steady hand for this..just some buttercream with the right consistency and nice colors 🙂

After crumbcoating the cake, I started “frilling” around the bottom


Working up and around the cake


Until I’ve reached the top..


Fill the tip with frills working from the edge towards the centre and top it off with a cute red heart 😉


red velvet cheesecake for hantaran

it’s the wedding season 😉 cakes are a must for hantaran nowadays 😉 my red velvet cheesecake is one of the most requested for hantaran 🙂


back in those days (what days r those..hehe) people always write on their hantran cakes like “selamat bertunang”, “selamt pengantin bru” and such..but since evrybody already knows what the occasion are..u dont need to hav inscribtion on the cake 😉


pink wedding cake

made this pink n cream coloured cake for my cousin’s wedding..the bottom tier was  pink ombre cake – 4 layers on cake in pink hues..darkest on the bottom and gradually lighter towards the top..but I just coated it with pink buttercream and piped some chantially lace in very light cream buttercream


the top tier was my original rainbow cake – all 6 layers of em..and coated with light cream buttercream and piped some chantially lace in the same colour as well..some pink border piped using an open star tip an of course buttercream roses in dark pink, light pink n cream to top the cake 😉


just before going to set the cake at the wedding, I added two roses on the bottom tier


and here is the cake fully assembled


and here it is with the wedding set on stage (pelamin)



colors = colours

gee..it’s been a while since my last entry..have been extremely busy baking..phew! can’t wait for our vacation next week..yay!

today i’d like to talk on colours 🙂 it is really important to spare some time in cake decorating (or any designing jobs for the matter) to carefully choose/mix colours..I just love mixing colours to make my own “customised” colour..it will not only be unique but very pretty as well 😉


customised purple for the mini-doll cake 😉


magenta like colour for cupcakes 😉


customising the colours to match barbie’s dress 😉


blue 😉


this one looks familiar doesn’t it…LOL 😀

Rainbow Barbie

Barbie=PINK! 😀
Got a request for a Barbie themed rainbow cake from Husna of UIAM Kuantan..and surely the cake was pink!

It was just a simple large rainbow cake topped with edible image of barbie and decorated with some pink buttercream and dragees and confetti 😉