Cat 3D Cake

Creating and sculpting 3D cakes are so much fun, and a great adventure. From figuring out how to shape,, what to bake and how many to bake.

Got this job from our local baker’s group. I was just started baking again and this 3D cat seems like a good challenge to start off with.

Planned on baking some circles and some retangular cake. I end up baking a 12×12 inch sheet cake, and started stacking them together and later carving them. Cake carving has always been my favourite, it was such a pleasure.

Carved and crumb coated. Can u see the cat?
Piping furs, face and paws, and a tail of course
Last but not least, eyes n ears and some whiskers

The customer requested the cat to look like her daughter’s favourite plushie toy cat. I guess I nailed it? A chubbier version of the plush cat 😆

Birthday girl’s happy, her mom’s happy, I’m happy ❤

I’m just happy with how it turned out to be, and when a client is happy, it’s all worth it 🥰

Xoxo, Nis