Pink Ombre

I’ve planned on doing ombre cakes for a long time but as usual haven’t got a chance to do so..this time when I got a request from cute Ras on making a mini rainbow cake, I requested to make her a pink ombre cake instead 😉 luckily she says yes and here we have my very first pink ombre cake 

and Ras being a dear, shared the photos of the cut cake with me 😀 (which I really appreciate a lot! )

initially I planned on naming the cake Rainbow Uno, but the cake is better known as ombre cakes…but guess what, maybe I WILL call this cake Rainbow Uno, as rainbow cakes are what we do best 😉

Thinking of some variations of colors for the Rainbow Uno series ~ and this one is “Pretty in Pink”

My first cake decorating class ever!

I was both and nervous to go to class’s my first time attending a class since I started baking for orders..didn’t know what to expect n had some inferiority complex goin on..hehe..

Had fun at class..good teacher..great classmates..lotsa new knowledge and skills aquired..what more can u ask! I enrolled for the buttercream roses class organised by Fadzrizals Cakes..they made the pretiest cakes in kuantan 😀

Here’s what me n my classmates made 😉


And here’s mine 🙂


I’d say all of us did a good job decorating the my cake sits at home on the cake stand and guests coming over to our house will be served with this pretty cake definitely!


Before serving guests..we had the honors of having a slice each 😀


So, friends and family..come on over quick before the cake’s all gone 😉